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The secret behind the deliciousness of WAGYU 日本和牛 1.Texture 2.Oleic acid 3.WAGYU Aroma

All cuts of Wagyu Beef are highly delicious.Wagyu consists of 10 cuts, and there are
particular cooking methods and cuisine tailored to bring out
the superior flavor and quality of each,
including ʻshabu-shabuʼ , ʻyakinikuʼ , and steak.

Although these are typical ways to enjoy Wagyu,
there are many other delicious ways it is enjoyed,
and we encourage you to experience
the great taste for yourself in Japan.


Wagyu is the name of Japan's ancient purebred cattle,

The ‘wa’ in Wagyu means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow. Just as the name implies, Wagyu refers only to the specific strain bred by―and unique to―Japan. Cattle has been fundamental to Japanese life since ancient times for rice cultivation and other agricultural work. They had been bred into cattle with a completely unique meat quality over countless years of sustainable feed such as rice straw and recycle-based agriculture. These unique conditions resulted in today’s purebred Wagyu breed.

Quality guaranteed by the purity of the breed

Wagyu is not crossed with other breeds, and their pedigree is meticulously recorded through noseprints (which discriminate individual cattle as fingerprints do in humans) which trace their lineage back several generations. In fact, the cattle registry has a history that dates back over a century. Their superior qualities have been persistently improved without intermixing them with other strains, and their high-quality is maintained through a strict rating system even when destined for beef products.

Loved like a part of the family

Wagyu cattle are considered important family members to producers. Each one is given a name and raised under personal care from the time they are a calf. Hand-made warming jackets are put on them when it is cold, they are regularly brushed, and raised with great care for the 30 months from birth to market, including the long 20-month fattening period. This generous affection from producers is also one of the secrets behind Wagyu Beef’s unparalleled quality.

Secrets behind the exquisite flavor

Although Wagyu has a number of unique characteristics, here are the most notable three:

Aesthetic beauty and taste.

Wagyu Beef has beautiful, highly detailed marbling, and boasts a texture that is extremely delicate and supple.

Ideal fattiness that melts in one's mouth

Wagyu Beef’s fat is rich in oleic acid. For this reason, the beef fat has melting point that is actually lower than human body temperature, which provides a succulent flavor that fills the mouth as it melts.

Wagyu also has an appealing aroma

Wagyu has a distinctive aroma when heated. Its sweet aroma can be sensed and it can be deliciously enjoyed even when chilled.

A myriad enjoyable ways to eat

Japanese beef cattle is prized by people throughout the world as the top brand of beef cattle. We invite you to visit the restaurants listed in this “How to enjoy Wagyu Beef” pamphlet, and also encourage you to try out the recipes listed at the end to enjoy Wagyu at home.