Japanese  Beef


Cooking time: Approx. 30 minutes

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「Sukiyaki」 is a Japanese dish widely known throughout the world. The delicacy of Wagyu Beef and the vegetables cooked in same pot will soak the flavor from the beef which adds depth to the flavor. Secret of cooking is not to burn and not to overcook.

Ingredients(Serves 2)

  • Thinly sliced Rib loin or Chuck Roll
  • Shiitake mushrooms
    2 pieces
  • 1cm width diagonally cut leek
    ½ each
  • 3〜5 mm cut carrot
    ¼ each
  • Tofu
    ¼ each
  • Beef fat
    As desired


  • Soy sauce
  • Mirin
  • Sugar
  • Japanese cooking sake
    TBSP 1


  • Kombu Seaweed
  • Water


  1. 1.In medium heat, place beef fat in the pot and add sauce. Add the sauce up to the middle level of the pot.
  2. 2.Once the sauce is heated, spread and place the sliced beef in the pot separately. Flip the beef over when it becomes brown. It is ready to serve when cooked. The sliced beef should be cooked quickly.
  3. 3.Add tofu, leek and other vegetables to the liquid which has beef umami extracted and turn the heat low.
  4. 4.While eating the cooked vegetables, cook beef in empty space in the pot and continue cooking in the medium heat.
  5. 5.If the sauce becomes thick, add dashi and usuwari (Usuwari:Place kombu seaweed in a water in room temperature for the entire evening, cook in medium heat, stop the heat before the liquid boils, take out kombu seaweed)to the ratio of 2:1.

provided the recipeNingyocho Imahan Ningyocho Main Store (Tokyo・Ningyocho)

*This recipe is specially arranged for home-cooking, and it differs to one served in a restaurant.