Japanese  Beef

About Wagyu Showcased by Overseas Media

Planet Food

Planet Food on Travel Channel is brought to you by Pilot Productions in the UK. In the episode of Planet Food: Japan, Merrilees Parker travels to Japan to learn about its unique food culture. Escaping the city, Merrilees visits a farm that produces the most expensive Japanese Wagyu beef in the world. The cows are fed with apples and massaged daily. She also tries Sukiyaki which is known to be one of the best ways to cook Wagyu beef.

Ruptly TV

The news is produced by Ruptly, an international news agency that provides real-time and archive visual news content to all media, and is based in Berlin, Germany. The Goldhorn Beefclub restaurant, which serves some of Germany’s most expensive steaks, revealed some of its secrets to Ruptly at their store and restaurant Berlin.

France 3

The news was covered in Edition nationale on France 3 in France. The Japanese government permitted to export this special Japanese Wagyu into France. It is reported that it would be sold at 230 Euro per kilogram. Japanese Wagyu is traditional beef, and has peculiar taste which other beef do not have.

Mustard TV

Introducing Wagyu beef being served at a Japanese restaurant in Norfolk, Shiki.