Japanese  Beef

Universal Wagyu Mark

Unified Wagyu logo

Proof of authenticity: “Universal Wagyu Mark”

A unified “Wagyu Japanese beef logo” was introduced in 2007 to send the correct information to the global market. The logo proves authenticity of the Wagyu beef and we do hope that the people around the world would recognize the finest quality and taste of the Wagyu.


1.Japanese Black (nationwide)

Delivery weight female Approx. 755kg
Color Black with slightly brown color.
  • Has a high capability of producing marbling meat.
  • The smallest body structure among the Wagyu breeds.
  • Has a 95% share out of the total Wagyu population.
  • “Wagyu” therefore often tend to be meant Japanese Black breed.
  • The superior Wagyu beef brands such as Matsuzaka, Yonezawa, Hida and etc., are mostly from the Japanese Black.

2.Japanese Brown (Kumamoto Prefecture, Kochi prefecture)

Delivery weight female Approx. 750kg
Color Light brown
  • Grows faster.
  • Has a tame nature, robust and has a good heat tolerance. Roughage feed conversion is good.

3.Japanese Shorthorn (Iwate Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture and Hokkaido)

Delivery weight female Approx. 745kg
Color Has a red-brown color
  • Roughage feed conversion is good and adapts northern Japan climate. Suited for grazing.

4.Japanese Polled (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Color Deep black
  • Without horns
  • Comparatively the breed has been improved in the early time as beef but total numbers are quite limited.

5. Cross breed produced from the above mentioned four breeds

6.The cross bred has to be produced by cross breeding between the above mentioned No. 5 and No. 1 to 4 breeds, which should be approved by the registration system administrated under the Act on Improvement and Increased Production of Livestock. In addition, it has to be verified by the cattle traceability system.

Required conditions

  1. The cross bred cattle should be born and raised in Japan.
  2. In addition, the above conditions have to be verified by the Cattle Traceability System.