Japanese  Beef

Yakiniku BBQ

Cooking time: Approx. 10 minutes

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Yakiniku BBQ is a standard beef menu, in which bite-size beef is grilled to relish with special sauces. When wagyu beef is served in yakiniku BBQ, it is important to lightly grill the surface of beef so its softness and juice are sealed in. In a Japanese style yakiniku, wasabi is served as seasoning, which neutralizes the fat of wagyu beef. Not only enhancing the deliciousness of the beef, but wasabi also reduces spiciness and makes the texture of the beef smoother.

Ingredients(Serves 2)

  • 200g Beef
  • Salt
    as desired


  • ①Wasabi paste, chopped wasabi (only the paste can be used)
    as required
  • ②Korean seaweed paper (Japanese one is also ok)
    as required
  • →Place① and chopped②, and mix them with a spoon.


  1. 1.Sprinkle salt over beef before grilling it.
  2. 2.Lightly grill one side of the beef from [1] till brown. Then turn over.
  3. 3.Grill the other side to brown, which is the same as [2]. It is ready to eat.
  4. 4.Place a pinch of the seasonings onto the beef before eating.

provided the recipeJoshu Wagyu specialty restaurant GUMMA SODACHI (Asakusa, Tokyo)

*This recipe is specially arranged for home-cooking, and it differs to one served in a restaurant.