Milk and dairy products

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After carefully determining the condition of each cow, it is managed in a way to maintain its optimal condition.

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Raw milk is stored in bulk coolers and retested before delivery.

Milk and dairy products Made in Japan

Since milk is consumed on a daily basis, we aim for safety and deliciousness through strict quality control. Japanese milk and dairy products can be consumed without any safety concerns; that’s because dairy farmers and processing plants are integrated; cattle farms raise and milk cows, while milk-and-dairy product processing plants collect and produce products for consumption.

The first dairy farms in Japan started around 130 years ago, although this history is short compare to Europe and US, Japanese milk and dairy products quickly became must-haves as the Japanese lifestyle became globalized. Japan has 1,350,000 milk cows and produced 7,430,000 tons of raw milk (FY2020). You never have to worry about what you are consuming when its Japanese milk and dairy, its special characteristic is to always maintain quality. The primary distinctive goal is to maintain quality milk, safe to ingest; secondary but with great effort, is to discover new and delicious flavors. Please be sure to try Japan made milk. Maintaining the deliciousness and safety of raw milk is achieved by providing a comfortable breeding environment and through appropriate breeding management. In addition, careful attention is given to milking. In particular, the daily first against mastitis is crucial. Aside from testing each milk-cow for mastitis, raw milk must be double checked before loading into a tanker truck from its bulk cooler storage. Before raw milk can make its way to processing facilities, conduction of tests and product quality standards must be satisfied.

Safe & Fresh First

Milk’s freshness and quality are the most important characteristics. Milk and dairy products made in Japan attained a degree of definite ite freshness and safety and can satisfy even the World’s renowned most stringent consumers–the Japanese. Besides Milk’s appearance, luster and color, taste, fat percentage, solid non-fat ratio, and raw milk bacteria count; milk processing facilities will perform antibiotic test among other tests. Milk that passed inspection is sterilized and processed for product production without ever coming into contact with air until it is packaged. Many Japan raw milk processing facilities respond to consumers’ need for safety and peace of mind by following international standards, food product safety manuals and work procedures are coherence with HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO22000.

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From Japan to you

Currently, milk-and-dairy based flavors and textures, never previously imagined, are being developed. Due to advances in freezer and refrigerator technology, many milk-based desserts and ice creams have been created, which has driven increased consumer demand. In addition to taste, many yogurt products are being developed as health products featuring high functionality. We seek to develop new products with non-existing flavors and textures. Our challenge is to enable consumers from around the world to enjoy these delicacies. Suitable for everyone, please look forward to seeing Japanese milk and dairy products serving as ingredients in all types of food.

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