The feature:Japanese Chicken

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Chicken that is better for you

Japanese chicken consists of a rich variety of breeds, among them are local chicken, brand chicken, and broiler chicken.
The special qualities, flavors, and textures found in each one making Japan chicken the right choice for many types of dishes; for Japanese food in particular, it is indispensable.
Chicken meat are thought to have many health functions, which are exemplified by these four main characteristics:

  1. Contains a bountiful amount and a good balance of essential amino acids the human body is unable to synthesize.
  2. Contains a bountiful amount of vitamin A, helps to keep mucous membranes and different parts of the body healthy.
  3. High in protein, low in fat.
  4. Contains a bountiful amount of imidazole dipeptide (anserine and carnosine), serving as an antioxidant, effective for recovering from exhaustion and eliminating reactive oxygen.

Dedicated to Safety and Great Taste

Chickens in Japan are raised under sanitary and favorable conditions. In regards to the feed, chemical, and other products utilized in chicken production, we are obligated to use them with safety in mind based on applicable laws and ordinances.
During chicken processing, a three-grade safety check is conducted for each and every chicken in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances, and only those that pass inspection make it to your dinner plate.
Chicken product safety is also strictly enforced in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances.
With Japanese native breeds raised for long periods under uniformed conditions, Japan chicken can be used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes.
There’re many breeds to choose from, Japan chicken have three main categories: local chicken, producing moderate chewing consistency, great origial taste, and the richness of chicken; brand chicken, produced with clever use of breeds and feeds, are light and tender, with very little odor; and broiler chicken, known for its outstanding meat producing capacity, light taste, and tenderness. Safe and delicious! That’s Japan chicken.
Please be sure to try it.

Unique Japanese Poultry

In Japan, there are 38 different native chicken breeds, adopted and established over 100 years ago. Local chickens must have a bloodline that is at least 50% native chicken, be allowed to roam free once they are 28 days old, be bred at a density no more than 10 chickens per square meter, and be raised for at least 75 days, as determined by Japan Agricultural Standards.
In each area of Japan, there are approximately 60 breeds of local chickens that exist in accordance with these standards. What makes local chicken special is that the unique traits of each breed are utilized.
By understanding each of the special characteristics, you can enjoy the chicken’s original great taste, richness, as well as its moderate chewing consistency.

Leading Local Chicken Breeds of Japan




Nagoya Cochin


Satsuma Native Fowl

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Delicious Japanese Chicken Dishes

A product of Japan’s traditional food culture, Japanese cuisine is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Japanese food is made up of dishes that utilize the good flavor and nourishment found in ingredients. Well regarded for its health benefits, Japanese food has become extremely popular around the world.
Chicken produced in Japan, including local chicken, is an indispensable ingredient of Japanese food.


Chicken and Vegetable Hot Pot

As fall gives way to winter in Japan, hot pot dishes can be found on dining tables throughout the country. Chicken-with-bone cooked only in a kombu broth, chicken vegetable hotpot, is one of Japan’s leading hot pot dish.



This chicken dish with mass appeal is representative of Japan. It is a simple dish consisting of chicken, scallion, and egg, simmered together and served on top of a hot rice bowl.



A special characteristic of Japanese yakitori, grilled on skewers, soy sauce and salted versions are the most popular. Yakitori allows you to enjoy the original great taste and richness of chicken.


Chicken Tatsutaage

Seasoned chicken is covered and fried in potato starch. Chicken tatsutaage is a fried food unique to Japan that has a great crispy outside.


Chicken Nanbanzuke (Chicken Marinated in Spicy Sauce)

This food’s refreshing vinegar flavor, which is often used in Japanese cooking, stimulates the appetite. One of Japan’s well-known chicken dish.


Steamed Chicken Bukkake Udon

Steamed chicken over udon noodles, dressed with dried plum, bukkake udon is a popular summer dish.


Chicken Tempura

Served as tempura, a leading type of Japanese food, this dish allows you to enjoy the original great taste of chicken.