About the organization and the members

Our activities

  1. Investigation on how to perform the unified export strategies on domestic livestock products.
  2. Collecting and providing information of the overseas market to the members.
  3. Any other activities related to the export promotions.

About J-LEC


Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council Secretariat (within the Japan Livestock Industry Association)
No.2 DIC bldg. 9F,16-2,Sotokanda
2-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0021
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Committees and subcommittees established under the Council
  • Beef Export Promotion Committee
    (Secretariat: Japan Livestock Industry Association)
  • Pork Export Subcommittee
    (Secretariat: Japan Pork Producers Association)
  • Chicken Export Subcommittee
    (Secretariat: Japan Chicken Association)
  • Egg Export Subcommittee
    (Secretariat: Japan Poultry Association)
  • Milk and Dairy Products Export Subcommittee
    (Secretariat: Japan Dairy Industry)

Membership qualification

The members should be involved with production, distribution or export of domestic livestock products.
Membership: 104(as of 14th of July, 2015)

Organization diagram

Council configuration diagram

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