Sinise NikuYa - Hida beef Aburinigiri Sushi Yushima-an


Gifu - Gero

Available Wagyu beef brandHida beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishMeat, Sushi

Opening hours10:00-17:00
※Restaurant closes as soon as Hida beef and aburi sushi are sold out

Closing hoursWednesdays
※Temporary closure occasionally




Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch: 900JPY
Dinner: 900JPY

Payment optionsCash

Introduction of restaurant

This restaurant is affiliated with a very popular local butcher shop that serves A5 ranked (A being the best rank and 5 meaning excellent) Hida beef, for which they buy a whole cattle. The high-quality taste of the Hida beef is overflowing with melting marbled meat, and the specialty here is thick lean meat topped with sushi. That is not the only thing to taste here; you can also get your lips round a pint of a craft beer called Gensen Beer and really have a blissful time. In addition, for 200yen extra you can have their showcase meat cooked on the spot.


Sinise NikuYa - Hida beef Aburinigiri Sushi Yushima-an

Address845 Yunoshima, Gero, Gifu


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