Yakiniku Restaurant Budounokinoshitade


Oita - Takeda

Available Wagyu beef brandBungo beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishYakiniku

Opening hours10:00-15:00

Closing hours2nd and 4th Mondays, Tuesedays
※August operates every day





Price range (incl. Tax)3,000JPY

Payment optionsCash

Availability of Wagyu beef to bring onboardYes
※Available at Pal Onsenkan Daichi no Yu

Introduction of restaurant

This is a very rare eatery where you can eat grill food underneath the grapevines in a spacious 1000m² facility. Their main dish of Bungo beef has beautiful white marblelized portions throughout and you can request your favorite cuts such as loin or rib bone. Their vegetable and sausage plate is a specialty meal made in the workshop and farm’s premises. In the surrounding land there is wide and impressive sight of Mount Kuju, and you will find that it isn’t just the food that is delicious as you breathe in the clean air.


Yakiniku Restaurant Budounokinoshitade

Address896-22 Kujumachi Oaza Ariuji, Takeda City, Oita


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