Niku no Kura Yakiniku Ginzan-tei


Oita - Oita

Available Wagyu beef brandBungo beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishYakiniku

Opening hours18:00-23:00

Closing hoursNo fixed close days




Price range (incl. Tax)Dinner: 6,000 JPY

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card J/M/V

Availability of Wagyu beef to bring onboardYes

Introduction of restaurant

Not often used with Bungo beef, this yakiniku restaurant is the first to serve up oleic acid beef, a dish characterized by the flavor of its oleic acid. The restaurant is strictly dedicated to meat quality, even to the point that they publicly announce the individual identification number of their meat stock. This really shows how sincere their dedication is to quality meat. Why not have a relaxed enjoyable time eating high-quality yakiniku from the table of a private room, or even a Japanese style room.


Niku no Kura Yakiniku Ginzan-tei

Address1F, Miyakomachi2-6-16, Oita, Oita


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