Takumi Japanese Cuisine

Shabu-shabu, Local cuisine

Tottori - Tottori

Available Wagyu beef brandTottori Wagyu beef (Oleic 55)

Signature Wagyu beef dishShabu-shabu

Opening hours11:30〜14:30(L.O.14:00)

Closing hours3rd Monday of every month
※No fixed closure days in August and December




Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch: 1,000-2,000JPY
Dinner: 3,000-5,000JPY

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card A/DN/J/M/V

Introduction of restaurant

Takumi Japanese Cuisine Restaurant is a venue offering up Japanese cooking with a taste of local ingredients made using folk handicrafts. The signature dish is said to be the origin of shabu-shabu, a local dish from Tottori called Susugi Nabe. You can fully enjoy the local seasonal vegetables and the sweetness and umami (taste) of the unique Tottori Wagyu beef. Hayashi rice and curry rice with the use of delicious Tottori Wagyu beef is very popular.



Takumi Japanese Cuisine

Address652 Sakaemachi Tottori City, Tottori


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