Omi Gyuniku Sennari-tei Kyara

Sukiyaki、Kaiseki・Kaiseki Ryori

Shiga - Hikone

Available Wagyu beef brandOmi beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishShabushabu

Opening hours11:30-14:30

Closing hoursTuesdays




Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch 3,000JPY
Dinner 7,000JPY

Language availableEnglish

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card A/DN/J/M/V/CUP

Availability of Wagyu beef to bring onboardYes

Halal menu availabilityYes

Introduction of restaurant

An "Omi beef" specialist restaurant that has an elegant charm and is located in a castle town. Their signature dish is "Cha (tea) Shabu", a kind of shabushabu that has tea in its dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp). For this recommended dish, by adding green tea to their locally made konbu (kelp) dashi they have produced a dish both flavorable and with an umami (taste) which you can enjoy. You can only try it at lunchtime, but their "Morning Niku Tekka Gozen", which has rice covered with seared Omi beef and Japanese yam, is extremely popular.



Omi Gyuniku Sennari-tei Kyara

Address2-1-7 Honcho, Hikone, Shiga


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