Sumibi-yakiniku Imagawa


Tottori - Yonago

Available Wagyu beef brandTottori Wagyu beef-Olein 55

Signature Wagyu beef dishYakiniku

Opening hours16:00-22:30(L.O.22:00)

Closing hoursWednesdays (except December)




Price range (incl. Tax)3,500JPY

Language availableTablet terminal for English

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card A/DN/J/M/UC/UF/V/CUP/Shinhan
Other payment options: Alipay

Introduction of restaurant

This charcoal-grilled Japanese barbecue restaurant is operated by the butcher shop, “Meat & Deli Imagawa.” Sticking to local produce, it buys whole Tottori Wagyu beef raised at “Maeda Farm”, a trusted producer. The menu is reasonably priced in an effort to make wagyu more accessible. A salad bar offers local vegetables and coffee is free. The restaurant not only serves tasty food, but is full of hospitality. Placing an order is very easy using a tablet device that displays English. The restaurant can also prepare an unforgettable "Tottori Wagyu beef cake" to suit your budget. *Please order in advance.


Sumibi-yakiniku Imagawa

Address9-3-16 Yonehara, Yonago-shi, Tottori


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