Yakiniku no Gyuta Honjin Yodobashi Akiba


Tokyo - Akihabara

Available Wagyu beef brandSendai beef, Kobe beef, etc

Signature Wagyu beef dishKobe beef kalbi

Opening hours11:00-23:00(L.O.22:00)
※In accordance with Yodobashi Akiba




Price range (incl. Tax)4,500JPY

Language availableEnglish, Chinese

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card

Introduction of restaurant

This popular restaurant has Japanese black wagyu beef from all over Japan which they have sourced via the power of networking. They handle various wagyu beef brands including the world famous Kobe beef. They buy the whole animal of Japanese black wagyu beef, which is not frozen enroute to delivery, so that you can enjoy its characteristically deep flavor and umami. It is recommended that you try the lunchtime only buffet which has a wide variety of delicious dishes such as their specialty kimchi and namul (Korean dishes consisting of seasoned vegetables).


Yakiniku no Gyuta Honjin Yodobashi Akiba

Address8F, 1-1 Kanda-Hanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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