Joushu Wagyu Senmonten Gunma Sodachi Asakusa

Yakiniku, sukiyaki, hotpot

Tokyo - Asakusa

Available Wagyu beef brandJoushu Wagyu beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishYakiniku, Sukiyaki, Hotpot

Opening hours11:00-22:30(L.O. 21:30)

Closing hours3rd Tuesday of each month




Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch:1,000-1,999JPY

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card A/J/M/NS/V/CUP
Transportation Pay Card IC


Introduction of restaurant

This restaurant opened in Asakusa, Tokyo, with the aim of introducing to as many people as possible the extraordinary taste of Joushu Japanese beef which is raised in Gunma Prefecture. The restaurant occupies the entire building. In the calm environment of this Japanese style venue you can savor the taste of high-quality Japanese beef. The whole animal they buy is of A4 and above beef quality (A is the best grade and means there is at least 72% ratio of meat to the total weight of the animal and 4 means the meat quality is very good). You can enjoy this Joushu Japanese beef as either yakiniku or sukiyaki. The beef hotpot is absolutely full of local ingredients. You can fully enjoy the food of Gunma Prefecture, including its local cuisine and local sake.


Joushu Wagyu Senmonten Gunma Sodachi Asakusa

Address1-34-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo


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