Seibu Nosanhatsu Yakiniku DINING Marugyu

Yakiniku, Steak, Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki

Iwate - Kitadeyanagi

Available Wagyu beef brandKitakami beef, Iwate black wagyu beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishYakiniku, Steak, Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki

Opening hours11:00-14:00

Closing hoursMonday




Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch: 1,000-2,000JPY
Dinner: 4,000-5,000JPY

Payment optionsCash
Credit card A/DN/J/M/V

Introduction of restaurant

This is a yakiniku restaurant which is managed directly by a farm raising livestock. With dishes like Love At First Sight Rice that they grew themselves, to the pride of Iwate Kitakami Beef, you can have a really great time sampling their yakiniku cooking which uses locally sourced ingredients. The extremely popular menu includes enjoyable dishes such as Kitakami Beef Hand-Rolled Sushi which excellently matches together Love At First Sight Rice and Kitakami Beef, and Kitakami Beef Marujyuu Mori, an assortment of standard cuts of beef such as spare rib, lean meat and broiled meat.


Seibu Nosanhatsu Yakiniku DINING Marugyu

Address23-69-1 Kitaoniyanagi, kitakami, Iwate


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