Namari Onsen Fujisan Ryokan

Banquet dishes

Iwate - Hanamaki

Available Wagyu beef brandIwate Wagyu Beef A5 Rank

Signature Wagyu beef dishBanquet dishes, Shabushabu, Sukiyaki

Opening hoursCheck in 15:00-
Check out 10:00
※ No meals are served.

Closing hoursNo closed day




Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch: 4,000JPY
Dinner: 12,000JPY

Language availableEnghlish

Payment optionsCash
Credit card

Introduction of restaurant

Located in the middle of the Ou Mountain Range, Hanamaki Minami Onsen Gorges is a truly unique ryokan. The main building was built in 1941 from zelkova (elm-like tree) wood, and there is a palpable nostalgic mood around this place which has grown ever deeper over the years. In this gorgeous place, you can eat their masterful sukiyaki that they are so proud of, and which will have you jumping to your feet. Your taste buds will be dazzled by the sweetness and food texture of a special selection of A5【Iwate wagyu beef】which melts in your mouth (A being the highest rank and 5 indicating excellent).


Namari Onsen Fujisan Ryokan

Address75-1 Nakadaira Namari, Hanamaki, Iwate


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