Kawanaga - Kawacho

Steak, Shabushabu, Banquet dishes

Iwate - Iwate

Available Wagyu beef brandShizukuishi beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishSteak, Shabushabu, Banquet dishes

Opening hours10:00-16:00
※No meals served.

Closing hoursTwice a month closed for maintenance.





Price range (incl. Tax)Lunch: 3,780JPY
Dinner: 10,800JPY

Language availableEnghlish

Payment optionsCash
Credit card DC/J/M/NS/UF/V

Halal menu availabilityYes

Introduction of restaurant

Kawanaga is an onsen ryokan serving up cooking with selected local ingredients. You will love the deep taste of rich thick Shizukuishi beef steak, which is a brand that is the pride of Iwate. Their naturally blessed rich cooking is made with mountain vegetables harvested in the morning, giving their food a sharp taste which can only be experienced here. With a free-flowing onsen source and delicious cooking, this is the place to be to have a marvelous time.


Kawanaga - Kawacho

Address10-31-23 Oshuku, Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate


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