Steak House Iseya Restaurant


Miyagi - Sendai

Available Wagyu beef brandSendai beef
Sendai Kuroge Wagyu beef

Signature Wagyu beef dishSteak

Opening hours11:00-23:00

Closing hoursOnce in February and August
※Closed in accordance with S-pal Sendai




Price range (incl. Tax)Dinner: 6,000-10,000JPY

Payment optionsCash
Credit Card J/M/V/CUP

Availability of Wagyu beef to bring onboardSendai beef retort pouch curry/stew
Miso-marinated Sendai beef shoulder roast

Introduction of restaurant

"Sendai beef" is said to be nationally rated very highly for both taste and quality, while the cattle itself have the highest grade around. At "Steak House Iseya", you can enjoy the flavor of steak grilled on a charcoal fire with special seasoning, using A5 ranked Sendai beef. Besides the meat, they used local Miyagi brand rice called "Hitomebore" and Sendai miso. In other words they are dedicated to using local Miyagi ingredients!


Steak House Iseya Restaurant

Address1ー1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi


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